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abc kitchen

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abc kitchen

The furniture and interior décor store abc home ( is a historic New York address for aesthetic interior design aficionados. It boasts a broad and eclectic selection of design goods and now, with opening the first floor restaurant, it has become ever more appealing. Its interior décor is almost beyond description in its entirety and has to be appraised one detail at a time.
There are surfaces with crackled and peeling paint, tarnished crystal chandeliers, a piece of rock-crystal on the bar counter and an indescribable installation bedded inside a niche. High chairs and low chairs, an unvarnished wooden table next to white and plastic one. Its staff is clad in checked uniforms, varying from tiny small checks to gigantic ones.
Tables are laid in eclectic style, too, and some items look as if being taken right out of the granny's cupboard. There are small bread plates with gilded floral pattern, roses and branches with red berries sticking out of a pink vase and lots of other odd and cozy details. If a foursome is about to have a lunch there, each one gets a different set of tableware. Food is served in porcelain dishes of irregular shape and small towels are given instead of napkins.
abc kitchen proves that old and brand new, well-worn and glossy can easily coexist. Even though such a concentration of bizarre eclecticism may initially stir up objections, they quickly vanish. However strange it may seem, there is something oddly pleasant and light about such a mix-up of styles, urging just to savor this kaleidoscope of colorful impressions.
Its contemporary New York cuisine is based on organic food philosophy and wonderfully tasty and healthy vegetarian dishes provide sense of satiety and fullness.
abc kitchen is a great spot for Sunday brunch before or after shopping.

35 east 18th Street (between Broadway & Park Avenue)
Phone: 212 475 5829

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