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Art in New York
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Art in New York, New York City

Author: Mārtiņš Vanags

There are two most widespread prejudices about America - food is very bad and there is no culture. California proves the falseness of the first one but New York - of the second. Just an enumeration of highly serious cultural institutions of New York forms a thick catalogue, although, the most impressive seems to me the great diversity offered by visual arts.

Museum of Modern Art (www.moma.org) is consider by many to be the most distinguished museum in the world, where, according to its name, is displayed modern, not contemporary art. There are works of three Latvian related artists too - Vija Celmiņa, Mark Rotko and Gustavs Klucis (though, I did not notice any Estonian or Lithuanian artists there). P.S.1, a branch of MoMA (www.ps1.org) in Queens, the most far-off district of New York, in its turn, is devoted to quests, and quite often, finds too in the current contemporary art.

Metropolitan Museum of Art (www.metmuseum.org) is enormous art depository from the whole world. My preference goes to a very skillful display of Greek and Roman sculptures. The museum itself is huge - just the number of above mentioned Greek and Roman sculptures reaches over 50.000 units. Not everything is on display and not everything can be seen - as there are works of art from all over the world, with old European masters among them.

Guggenheim Museum (www.guggenheim.org) is distinctive with its building, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, its good regular exposition and, quite often, good running exhibitions too. The museum is sometimes referred to as somewhat rigid, although, certain conservativism is generally characteristic to any museum. Just there, close to Guggenheim, is located Whitney Museum of American Art (www.whitney.org), devoted mostly to collections of 20th century American art, however, also contemporary art exhibitions used to take place there. New Museum of Contemporary Art (www.newmuseum.org) seems remarkable at least for its architecture.

If you are already tired of museums, you may go to Chelsea, a district in Manhattan, with lots and lots of art galleries. Noteworthy is that you will not find the so-called saloon art there - but the one, recognized by critics. Whereabouts and whatabouts of galleries you may find in the website www.chelseaartgalleries.com or, if you are already there, just grab a gallery's newspaper.

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