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Insider's view · Europe · finland · Helsinki

Insider: Big Wave Riders


Big Wave Riders ( hail from Helsinki, Finland. They are inspired by waves, echoes and experimental rhythms with an electronic touch. Big Wave Riders are influenced by the music that touched them most when they were teens. To quote Big Wave Riders: "In our music we are not trying to fit into any certain genre. We make music without mathematics or accurate calculations. The songs are fast, slow, rhythmic and with variety."

What do you love most about your city?

The local music scene is perhaps more vibrant and inspiring than ever before... Great new artists and bands are coming up all the time, gaining attention and recognition also outside Finland. It's ace!

What do you hate about your city?

Helsinki people are perhaps a bit too introverted. Everyone seems to be in a hurry all the time, running or staring down at their smart phones... I think that in many ways we, Finnish people, try too hard and cannot accept failure at all. It is kind of foolish and kind of funny, too. Remember to look into each other's eyes, people, and smile!

Which is your favorite neighborhood in your city and why?

Espoo. That's basically where Big Wave Riders started from and most of us grew up there... BWR's first rehearsal space in Espoo center was legendary! Great memories!

Do you have a favorite view of the city?

Looking at the city and the sea from the top of Kaivopuisto is pretty magical, especially in summertime. It's one of the many great parks Helsinki offering to spend quality time, to hang around there and just get out of the city rush and stop for a moment. There are also great routes for jogging and great scenery!

How would you describe a perfect weekend spent in the city?

Good friends, lots of music, great food and local beers. In the summertime, there's so much going on, it's great to stay out all day, sometimes all night...

Which are your favorite restaurants/cafés and why?

The "Restaurant Day" ( is huge in Finland, that sort of stuff is just great! Of course, there are many places I could mention, but let's leave it at that...

Which are your favorite places to hangout, dance & listen to live music?

During the summer, many fine, free and open to everyone festivals and events are held around Helsinki, in Alppipuisto, for instance... we'll try to attend as many as possible this summer, too!

Which are the best concert venues/halls in the city?

Tavastia (

Could you name the best music stores (vintage record shops, etc) in your city?

Keltainen jäänsärkijä (, Stupido (unfortunately, just recently called it quits) and Black & White (, for examples... There are many, but not too many.

Could you name the song featuring your city? Or... which song describes your city the best?

Two comes to my mind - Giant Robot: Helsinki Rock City and Fredi: Kolmatta linjaa takaisin!

Can you tell us a secret about your city?


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