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Insider's view · North America · united states · New York City

Insider: Ernest Alexander Sabine


Insider: Ernest Alexander Sabine

Five Fashion Stores for Men, New York.
Ernest Alexander ( clothing and accessories store located in the prestigious NYC SoHo neighborhoods most certainly is among must-visit spots of New York fashion scene. The brand was launched by fashion designer Ernest Alexander Sabine and offers fine quality men's clothing and accessories. In 2013, Ernest Alexander was nominated by GQ Magazine as one of the Best New Menswear Designers of the year in the USA. He takes pride in producing every piece of his production in America, right there in New York's legendary fashion design and production area - Garment District.

Ernest Alexander features classic American style aimed for men who appreciate edgy elegance - a somewhat careless sophistication, or as the designer himself says: "Everything has a slightly preppy aesthetic, but with an edge!"
Décor of the store is also designed by Ernest Alexander using vintage travel trophies, like ship tows, retro monocles, harpoons, and even old American snow shoes - everything related to the American history. asked the young designer to reveal few more men's shopping addresses in New York.

Barneys New York
Barneys is New York's hot spot and the temple of shopping addicts already since 1923. Its list of brands of men's and women's wear and accessories hold names like Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin, Lanvin, Moncler, Prada, Balenciaga and others. It offers also the most lavish assortment of American-made brands of today, presenting only the most promising ones.

Rag & Bone
A wonderful and edgy, "Rag & Bone" is among the favorite brands of Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss and Jude Love. Established in 2002, it is sold in more than 700 places across the world now and at 14 Rag & Bone stores, five of them being located in New York.

If you are prepared to splurge, then you may as well head straight to 3X1, a place offering exclusive, tailor-made jeans. Moreover, you will be able to observe how exquisite Chinese needlewomen behind a glass wall are cutting and putting together your jeans, using the finest quality denim fabric. Just be aware that it will free you from 500 to 2000 dollars per pair of pants.

Steven Alan
Steven Alan is a microcosm presenting a selection of young fashion design stars, their esthetical values being based on American classics. Its showroom exhibits 20 brands of clothes and accessories, including Steven Alan casual-smart collection for men and women.

J.Crew Men's Shop at the Liquor Store
J.Crew is menswear boutique set in the former Liquor Store. The store has even preserved its name and authentic décor - dark wall paneling, pale lighting and vintage elements. Among other things there are shelves holding books by Hemingway and other male-oriented literature, plush and leather seats, bottles of drinks and an airplane model made of bear mugs. All together it forms an eloquent and elegant background for the items of clothing that are displayed there, the nuggets of J.Crew menswear collection most definitely being cashmere pullovers and cardigans!

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