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Fort Dauphin-Manombato

Author: Renārs Bīrmanis0 COMMENTS

Madagascar is a land of surprises, many of them still undiscovered. Hardly featured on any kitesurfing websites, it is terra incognita for kiters, too. The only Kitesurfing School with relatively decent equipment is located on Nosy Mangabe Island, off the northeast coast of Madagascar, yet its true marvels lie is Manambato.

***** Manambato, sited at Lake Rasobe, is an amazing spot, not yet discovered by kiters perhaps. Its treasures - white, sandy shores and crystal clear 1-2m deep freshwater water in a decade's time may place it among the world's most favored beaches. Yet, in the meantime you can experience its intact wilderness. As for lodging, I suggest to choose a guest house at the end of the road, away from other hotels. Aside from enjoying perfect wind conditions, you can rent a boat and while away some time on a peninsula, located between the ocean and the lake. Stay in a bungalow type lodging and savor perfect peace and tranquility. Just do not dare to swim deep into the ocean - it swarms with sharks!

Foto: Fort Dauphin-ManombatoFoto: Fort Dauphin-Manombato

**** Fort Dauphin is the farthest southeaster point of Madagascar. Utter poverty contrasts with marvelous natural preserves there. Several bays, spreading out around the cape, feature winds of all sorts and directions, offering ideal conditions both for wave riding and surfing. To better explore the neighborhood, you may want to rent a quadracycle, available at a local Motorbike store. Its owner is the only kitesurfer in this neighborhood. He lives in one of hilltop bungalows - scattered at the central beach, they feature stunning ocean panorama, yet no European style conditions are to be expected. Hardly any house has electricity even, and after nightfall silence sets in...

Summing up:
+The best kiting season is September to March (entire equipment is to be taken with you);
+ Crystal clear water (about +25ºC) and beautiful nature;
+ Great waves and vacant beaches;
+ Low lodging costs;
+ Diverse sightseeing and tourism options, featuring rivers, mountains and wildlife;
+ Hospitable people.

- Intermediate and advanced level is a must;
- Sharks;
- Hard-to-reach destinations, no roads and tourism infrastructure;
- Unsafe sanitary and hygiene conditions;
- Substantial prior travel experience required.

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