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World's Top Kiteboarding Spots. Recommends Renārs Bīrmanis

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Author: Renārs Bīrmanis1 COMMENT

Uniqueness of Morocco lies in its culture. Its vibrant atmosphere enfolds you on every step with its colors, aromas, sounds and fantastic food, being another good reason for combining kiting and traveling. If there is no wind, take a surfboard and hit the waves or just enjoy a diversity of African culture together in one place.

Foto: Essauirra-Qualidia-Dakhla

***Essaouira is famous for its music festivals, assembling the most splendid Gnawa musicians and not only. It is a get-together spot for artists, poets and philosophers from all over Africa and beyond. Light bohemian ambiance and cultural breath vibrates in and around its cafés and hotels, Jimi Hendrix hotel being just one of them. The famous Essaouira Kitesurfing School, located on the beach, has produced the best known Moroccan kitesurfer Sufian Hayman. Gutsy offshore wind in wintertime turns onshore in summer. If you rent a car, which is the best way of getting around there, then opt for lodging and lunching in the area 8 km southwards from Essaouira. Look for the restaurant Huit - a fabulous meal and excellent wine is guaranteed. Moreover, people there will recommend the most suitable lodgings as well.

*****Qualidia. Not for nothing this neighborhood has been chosen for the King of Morocco's summer residence. Qualidia is dotted with extravagant villas of well-off Casablancans, while its beaches offer diverse kitesurfing opportunities. Glide its lagoon or catch some waves in the ocean, just do not venture out into the open from a lagoon side as the biggest waves in Morocco dangerously crash against rocks there. The lagoon is perfect for all levels of ability, yet extra cautious is needed during low tide. The water level drops considerably, leaving the shallow lagoon swarming with bacteria - you can catch a nasty germ in a snap there! The narrow lagoon broadens during high tide and, if the wind picks up, you can hit a good set of waves close to the beach even. Hundreds of hotels and sea- food restaurants surround the lagoon. Note that starting from May kiting in no longer possible there.

Foto: Essauirra-Qualidia-DakhlaFoto: Essauirra-Qualidia-Dakhla

**** Dahkla. Remote kitespots with no tourism infrastructure and no people around gain more and more popularity nowadays. Dahkla is one of them, featuring an immense ocean lagoon at the coast of Western Sahara. Constant wind from the Sahara promises excellent kiting conditions, yet that's it. Reaching this kiting paradise by car is almost Mission impossible - it's like a rally raid through the desert, just without proper gear. Another option would be local operators flying from Casablanca or Marrakesh. Accommodation comes in the form of desert tents and only basic foodstuffs are available. Amusement choices, aside from kiting or getting high on local grass, are limited. They say there are loose-living Moroccans who go to Dahkla to spend some doped up weekend there. Yet, as for kiting, comparing with other Moroccan wild beaches, it is just perfect, offering both flat water and wave riding, strong wind and warm water.

Summing up:
+ Season lasts whole year (changing wind conditions requite wide range of equipment)
+ Great waves, good for surfing;
+ Low lodging costs;
+ Diverse tourism opportunities;
+ Fantastic food.

- Mostly for intermediate level (wave riding requires top level expertise);
- Dirty and cold water;
- Trickery and deceit (be sure to agree on price before, not after receiving a service);
- General untidiness, littered beaches;
- Hard-to-reach destinations.

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Essaouira Gnaoua World Music Festival
The Gnaoua World Music Festival takes place in Essaouira every year in June from last 10 years. This is a grand festival w here many musicians perform on the stage. This is a must watch festival w here artists from all around the world reach here and perform in groups and make Gnaoua a music day and evening.

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