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The world’s most beautiful cold and warm water scuba diving sites. Recommends Imants Jansons

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Connoisseur's Guide · Asia · malaysia · Malaysia · The world’s most beautiful cold and warm water scuba diving sites. Recommends Imants Jansons


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Sipadan Island is one of the world's most desired diving spots. It is located in Malaysia, off the eastern coast of Borneo Island, with the depth of the sea up to 600 m. Since Sipadan is listed as a protected nature reserve, only a limited number of dives per day are allowed. You should contact a local tour operator to book your dives for the number of days you plan to stay. The most popular is Barracuda Point dive site. You will have a chance to dive into a huge vortex of barracuda - thousands of large fish, up to 1 - 1.5 m in length, resemble a vast moving wall from the distance. There are yellow-fish, followed by sharks, white-tipped reef sharks and, depending on season, hammerhead sharks. Almost in every dive, placid green turtles slowly emerge into sight. An average temperature of +29ºC in the Celebes Sea allows diving without a wetsuit, letting the exotic underwater life surround you even closer, and what an amazing experience it is!

Foto: SipadanFoto: SipadanFoto: Sipadan

No lodging facilities are available on Sipadan, and diving is possible only on day trips from the nearby islands. It's advisable to stay on Mabul Island, about 30 min. boat trip from Sipadan. Another option is an on-water research unit, yet be aware that a compact lodging like that can bring about some difficult to avoid nuisance, like unwelcome company of co-travelers, for example.
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Shortly about scuba diving training:
Anyone can learn scuba diving, as no special physical preparedness is needed. There is nothing extreme about it, unless you venture to dive into caves or other risky underwater areas.
Several schools in Latvia offer scuba diving training and issue internationally recognized certifications. The most widespread is PADI training system, which allows diving anyplace in the world, wherever you see PADI sign.
The 1st level initial Open Waters Diver certification provides that you can dive to a maximum depth of 18m.
The 2nd level Advanced Open Waters Diver certification allows extending ones maximum depth to 40m. A total of 5 dives must be completed for this purpose - 2 core dives comprise a deep and underwater navigation. And then you can choose 3 adventure dives - dive into a current, identify fishes, dive with a scooter, etc.
There is a possibility to pass training and obtain a certification abroad too, at the same time getting the first glimpse of exotic underwater world there. Another option is to pass the first level in Latvia, and then continue elsewhere in the world - where visibility is better and water warmer.
To be able to dive in very cold water using dry suit, you have to complete a Dry Suit Specialty training course as well.

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