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The world’s most beautiful cold and warm water scuba diving sites. Recommends Imants Jansons

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Connoisseur's Guide · Asia · philippines · Philippines · The world’s most beautiful cold and warm water scuba diving sites. Recommends Imants Jansons


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Boracay Island in Philippines is a genuine paradise on earth with pleasant climate and white sandy beaches. It's a great place to combine diving and a total chill out and relaxation. Only 4 km long island amazes with its paradoxical climate conditions - you can swim and sunbathe on one side, while the other, when the right winds set in, is good for kiting. When you are through with kiting, go diving, but in the evening - partying! In the morning, the choice is yours again - explore the wonderful coral gardens with colorful fish flickering before your eyes, or relax eating lobsters and drinking Pina Colada right at the waterside.
In Asia, obtaining a diving certification comes cheaper, and the diving itself is less costly, too. Check out the website for this purpose, and look for comfortable lodgings on

Shortly about scuba diving training:
Anyone can learn scuba diving, as no special physical preparedness is needed. There is nothing extreme about it, unless you venture to dive into caves or other risky underwater areas.
Several schools in Latvia offer scuba diving training and issue internationally recognized certifications. The most widespread is PADI training system, which allows diving anyplace in the world, wherever you see PADI sign.
The 1st level initial Open Waters Diver certification provides that you can dive to a maximum depth of 18m.
The 2nd level Advanced Open Waters Diver certification allows extending ones maximum depth to 40m. A total of 5 dives must be completed for this purpose - 2 core dives comprise a deep and underwater navigation. And then you can choose 3 adventure dives - dive into a current, identify fishes, dive with a scooter, etc.
There is a possibility to pass training and obtain a certification abroad too, at the same time getting the first glimpse of exotic underwater world there. Another option is to pass the first level in Latvia, and then continue elsewhere in the world - where visibility is better and water warmer.
To be able to dive in very cold water using dry suit, you have to complete a Dry Suit Specialty training course as well.

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