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Five Quiet Architectural Destinations. Recommends Ieva Zībārte

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Connoisseur's Guide · Australasia · australia · Sydney · Five Quiet Architectural Destinations. Recommends Ieva Zībārte

Rose Seidler House

Author: Ieva Zībārte1 COMMENT

Rose Seidler House

Australia has immense travel opportunities to offer, both for seekers for natural wonders and the lovers of style, design and fine cuisine. If you trip is limited to Sidney only, it's still worth expanding it a little beyond the sandy ocean beaches and making a small detour to nearby Wahroonga (about 25 km from the centre) to see the once most modern house in Australia. Rose Seidler house, which the famous Australian architect, Harry Seidler, designed for his parents, is located at the northern suburb of the city, popular among Sydney intellectuals and away from curious glances. A rented car and a good dose of enthusiasm, however, would take you there in no time. Another option is going by train from the Sydney centre, and then walking 40 minutes on foot, filling your lungs with soothing aroma of eucalyptus and tea trees.

Do not be surprised to find the house totally deserted. A guide, a cleaner, a manager and an expert of the 20th century modernism, all in one person, lives nearby and gladly comes over to show and explain everything. Built in 1948 - 1950, it was a unique phenomenon of its time - an embodiment of a modern, functional and open type dwelling, the idea being brought by Seidler who had just arrived from the USA. It features a unique collection of furniture (original pieces of Saarinen, Eames, etc), and an ultra-modern, built-in kitchen, an outdoor terrace and a glass folding door were considered to be even greater marvels. Although the house can be viewed without a guide (who collects a fee and asks to take off your shoes), yet I would strongly advise to use his services. Each piece of furniture, most of them brought from the USA by the architect himself, offers an encyclopedic insight into the history of design. He will also demonstrate the built-in kitchen and such a practical, yet smartly hidden domestic item as an ironing-board.

The territory comprises some other Seidler family houses that are not accessible for public viewing. Setting off for the trip, it's advisable to take water and some sandwiches with you, as there are no shops or cafes anywhere in the vicinity.

Rose Seidler House
71 Clissold Road
NSW 2076

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