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Europe's Best Ski Resorts. Recommends Ivars Ciaguns

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Author: Ivars Ciaguns4 COMMENTS


A superb ambience. Moreover, if due to an unexpected nature's vagary numerous other ski resorts are snow-free, as it has happened not only once, a place to chose is Obertauern, abundant with snow throughout the season. Located less than an hour's ride from Salzburg (or 2.5 hours from Munich airport), it offers a wide range of three, four or five-star hotels. A steady stream of skiers' cars runs in both directions along the main road, winding through the small town. Several bridges across it allow easy getting from one slope to another, rising stately in the altitude of 2000 meters on both sides of the town.
A large variety of ski pistes encircle Obertauern. They are not very long, yet a unique resort ambience envelopes the area, being the greatest charm of it. Almost a complete silence descends the valley at night - hardly a sound to be heard!
Hotel Edelweiss is a great lodging choice - not a cheap one, yet located in the very heart of the resort. You may enjoy the winter delights and return at its threshold just in few minutes! The holders of the modern hotel - Lürzer family -offer not only a sauna and a spa but more vigorous activities, too. Lürzer Alm is one of the most favored after-ski spots in the neighborhood, just a few steps from the hotel. A cozy pub bubbles with nightlife and its discotheque might be the right choice after a day of skiing. The interior, featuring solid wooden logs, give an ancient flavor, while jugs are filled with beer and joyful Tyrolean music lifts your spirits high. At Lürzer Alm one can have a hearty meal as well - and what it lacks in variety, it makes up in amounts of servings. A huge bowl of Cesar salad is followed by roasted ribs - enormous chunk of juicy pork! By the end of the meal you are so full that can hardly breathe!

Hotel Edelweiss (rental of inventory available)
Address: A-5562 Obertauern, No. 124
Salzburger Land - Austria
Phone: +43(0)6456 7245 / 7416


- Obertauern offers perfect conditions for skiing from the end of November to the beginning of May

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