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World's best snowboarding spots. Suggests Ansis Egle

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Hintertux Glacier

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Snowboard and mountain cycling, all at the same time? Yes, it is possible! You can find snow in the Alps also in May, even though people may think that you are crazy to claim so. Hintertux glacier is swarming with snow enthusiasts both in spring and in summer.
Located in Zillertal region, about 80 km from Innsbruck, it was one of the best equipped snowboarding resorts in Austria already in 1997. It had 2 special ramps, a boardercross course and a snowboard park - excellent conditions for practicing the fast-growing sport at that time. Today, Hintertux is a meeting and mingling spot of professionals and amateurs, it offers summer camps and training of beginners. On 7 days out of 10 that we spent there in May, it was snowing! Isn't it fantastic? Not just few snowflakes but real snowfalls up to the point where you cannot see your own hand. No one in their right mind would step out of their hotel in such weather! No wonder that locals looked in bewilderment on a bunch of crazy Latvians romping about in the freshly fallen snow, paying no attention to almost zero visibility. Although, how can you possibly stay inside if you have travelled there to enjoy snow?! The resort offers excellently organized service. An extensive network of pistes (the highest point being 3250m above the sea level) suits all the proficiency levels, there are walking trails much favored by Japanese tourists and guided backcountry tours up in the mountain, which are followed by one or two descents. The latter ones are an ideal combination of snowboarding and enjoying nature on foot. Put all your essentials in a backpack and off you go. No lift-chairs, nothing! In this case it's not only a rather tough descent but also an equally difficult climb uphill. Be sure to critically evaluate your physical preparedness before throwing yourself into such an adventure. Even the so called snow shoes do not help much, and plodding through snow is quite difficult, to put it mildly. Especially if you have to beat a path for those who follow in your steps.
And cycling? In spring and summer, while mountain peaks are covered in snow and ice, warm and lush-green valleys invite to explore the beauty of the Alps on bikes. Take, for example, an amazing downhill route Mayrhofen - Tux that stretches for 17km.

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