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World's Top Kiteboarding Spots. Recommends Renārs Bīrmanis

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Saaremaa Island, Hiiumaa Island and Haapsalu

Author: Renārs Bīrmanis0 COMMENTS

Saaremaa Island, Hiiumaa Island and Haapsalu

Estonia has thousands of unexplored beaches and almost every island has a strip of sandy shore good enough for kiting. Wild beaches are mostly covered by stones, yet the most hazardous are the ones hiding below the surface. Therefore it's advisable to opt for familiar kite spots or at least carefully consider one's skills and preparedness for a particular location.
One of the most popular is Saaremaa Island, worth travelling for its winds, wonderful nature and not only. The nearby Hiiumaa Island is much wilder but it hides some of the best surfing spots of the Baltic Sea. Yet one should be very cautious about offshore wind and currents, otherwise any kiting attempts can turn out badly there. A new spot at Haapsalu town has been recently opened, and offers ideal flat-water kiting in the North bay.

**** Saaremaa Island is rich in wild beaches. The most popular one is located about 10 km to the south of the capital, Kuressaare. Equipped with a camp site, it is a perfect place for making your first steps in kiting and windsurfing.
Aside from a small sand-lined lagoon, there is also a shallow water area that stretches almost a kilometer off the shore. The only drawback to be mentioned is a high voltage electricity power line passing by there. Be very careful at lift-off and landing, and avoid getting too close to the shore. Plenty of wild beaches are in Kaugatom neighborhood, although it is quite rocky as well. Mostly S, SW and SE winds are used for kiting there.

Foto: Saaremaa Island, Hiiumaa Island and Haapsalu

***** Hiiumaa Island is a true surfer's paradise, yet note that Ristna coast is just for professionals. Less reckless riders would enjoy mostly sand-covered South bay with a large beach-break on the shore. More skilled ones can venture around the cape to hit some bigger Baltic Sea surfs. Aside from underwater rocks, it's important to observe that priority is always given to surfers and windsurfers. And they are the only ones to be able to lend a hand if any mishap takes place, as well, as prevailing offshore, S/SW are blowing there.

Foto: Saaremaa Island, Hiiumaa Island and Haapsalu

*** Haapsalu lagoon is perfect for performing tricks and is suitable for those, who prefer flat-water kiting. Although it does not match up to Bērzciems in Latvia, it prides itself on having the first specially equipped kite park in Estonia.
It is also one of the closest places to Tallinn where one can catch the open sea winds. Therefore the kite park is often swarming with locals, particularly when W winds set in.

Lots of wild beaches and intact nature
+ Large waves and innumerous flat-water secret spots; usual kite size - 8 - 12m²; twin tip and wave boards
+ Always sufficient wind in the open sea
+ Estonians are very friendly and it is very safe on the island
+ Unlimited chances for fishing, cycling or simply walking

- Mostly rocky beaches
- No rescuers available, especially in off shore winds.
- Many spots are inaccessible to road transport
- Cool and windy weather

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