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L’Appartement 217

Author: Dina Vjatere0 COMMENTS

L’Appartement 217

Much praised by French and international mass media as the first ever organic-only city spa, it is located in the very heart of Paris. My initial impression, however, was somewhat different than expected. The very name - L'appartement 217 (Apartment 217) - encloses an image of discrete and cozy atmosphere. At first it seems to live up to expectations - a modest, hardly noticeable plaque at the massive 18th century door of a sumptuous St.Honore Street indicates that this is the right address. A charming Parisian inner yard, hiding behind the door, and winding stares lead up to the forth floors. And indeed, the spa is set up in a large classic apartment with high, lavishly decorated ceiling, creaking parquet, light and spacious rooms, tile stows and fireplaces. Yet, instead of expected warm coziness of a French boudoir, its minimalistic interior seems to exude aloofness, if not to say chilliness. Being designed under the watchful eye of a Feng Shui master, it interprets the classic architecture from a relevant standpoint, based on five fundamental elements - water, wood, metal, air and earth. All the used materials are environment-friendly. The spa concept is helping its clients to acquire natural and harmonious beauty. This goal is reached using natural cosmetics and treatment methods, as well as implementing the newest technologies that respect human body and are ecologically friendly, too. Without using aggressive methods, L'appartement 217 promises regaining of the right reflexes promoting harmony. It offers a wide spectrum of treatments, facial procedures, massages, diet and healthy life-style advice. In the waiting-room visitors are treated to a cup of bio-grown tea and even Stephane Jaulin - the proprietor and the author of treatment methods - will come out to great you. His belief is that a long-lasting beauty never cheats and is in harmony with the nature and ones own personality. All the treatments are created to respect skin's self-protection self-rejuvenation processes. However, noticing that a skin is not perfectly clean, a cosmetologist may apply the well-tried method of squeezing pimples, without even asking if a client does not have any particular plans for evening...Devoting a whole day to spa procedures, you will be treated to a meal, made of bio-grown products, too. The body treatments will include a special, mineralized water shower. The natural cotton terry-cloth spa robes are made of a special pine-tree fiber, eco-grown in Scandinavia and produced without harming environment. Even walls are painted with naturally pigmented paint! Yet, before visiting L'appartement 217, it is advisable to learn more about its philosophy - otherwise, a towel will seem just an ordinary fine quality towel, tea - just like any tea and water -simply water. Nevertheless, I would describe L'appartement 217 as a very well thought-out and an exquisite beauty parlor, or - a truly French style spa. On the stage of international spa industry French have always been renowned for ignoring the classic spa standards - glorifying beauty instead.

217, rue Saint-Honore, Paris
Tel. 0142960096

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