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The five inspiring and colourful Paris bar à vins

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Connoisseur's Guide · Europe · france · Paris · The five inspiring and colourful Paris bar à vins

Legrand Filles et Fills

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Legrand Filles et Fills

One of the oldest and most distinctive wine bars in Paris, which is located in a no less distinctive place - the Galerie Vivienne. Designed by legendary architect Francois Jean Delannoy and completed in 1826, the shopping arcade is a destination in itself. Lined with small shops and cafés, the arcade is one of the most beautiful and romantic in Paris, with a relaxed, slow-paced and slightly hedonistic atmosphere. Here, one is drawn to unhurriedly gaze into the shop windows and immerse oneself in one detail or another, and perhaps to have lunch or a snack under the glass cupola ceiling.

The history of Legrand Filles et Fils goes back to the end of the 19th century and is like that of a finely matured wine. Initially, the space that the wine bar now occupies served as a warehouse for spices, coffee, tea and chocolate. Later, it became a store. Pierre Legrand took it over immediately after the end of the First World War, continuing to sell delicacies, along with wine that he bought in barrels from warehouses and filled into bottles at his shop. When his son Lucien - an avid wine lover - took over the enterprise, he scoured the country's wine-producing regions for the best possible wines, bringing them back to Paris and offering them to the establishment's patrons. Lucien's daughter Francine, for her part, began a successful collaboration with renowned and prestigious wine experts, bringing international acclaim to her enterprise. Although the company changed ownership in 2000 and no longer belongs to the Legrand family, it remains as authentic as ever, uniting a bar, a shop and lunch spot under one roof.

The relatively congenial bar section has the refinement of a well-aged wine, with an elegant wooden floor and shelves lined with wine bottles. One can sit either at the bar counter or in high wicker chairs placed by old wooden tables. The degustation menu, which offers five white and five red wines, changes once a week. However, you may also opt for a special wine from the Legrand Filles et Fils cellars - which house a wide variety of outstanding wines from all over the world and particularly from France - and drink it right there by the bar counter for a 15-EUR corkage fee.

A few steps away, the company store offers a great selection of bottled wines, as well as books, glasses, decanters and other items devoted to wine and wine-serving, not to mention various delicacies, such as truffles and foie gras.

1, rue de la Banque


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