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Fondation Maeght

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Fondation Maeght

Fondation Maeght is a destination in itself. It is one of the world's finest and most beautiful small museums, a temple of the 20ies century art. It was founded in 1964 by an art dealer, a collector and a publisher Aimé Maeght and his wife Margueritte. Surrounded by pine trees, it is located just a short walking distance from St. Paul village, featuring postcard-worthy scenery. Fondation Maeght Art Museum prides itself not only in one of the most outstanding collections of the 20ies century art and an unusual architectural design, created by the Catalonian architect Josep Lluís Sert, but also in its peculiar history. Until 1946 Aimé Maeght had an art gallery in Cannes, but later on, encouraged by Matisse and Bonnard, he moved to Paris and opened a gallery Parc Monceau there. Among others, it exhibited works of Braque, Chagall, Miró and Arp. Maeght's success in Paris, however, was overshadowed by the tragic event in his own family. His son Bernard, age of 12, died of leukemia in 1954. In a way, Fondation Maeght is homage the father has paid to his son. It was Miró who introduced Maeght to a Josep Lluís Sert, who had already designed his studio in Spain. Maeght wanted to create a modern, functional space, harmoniously blending into a large Mediterranean garden. Fondation Maeght consists of interconnected one and three storey buildings. Unusual form of roof of some of the exhibition halls gives a feeling of being in a cathedral. In the making, carefully planned lighting was much discussed with Braque, Chagall, Miro, whose works, naturally, are exhibited there, too. A small chapel, sited next to the main building, takes pride in stained glass windows, designed by Braque. Its ruins were discovered during the construction works, and Maeght decided to restore it. Separate museum rooms are devoted to Miró and Chagall, sculpture garden presents Pol Bury's steel fountain and a mosaic by Braque adorns a pond, while furniture of a small garden café is designed entirely by Giacometti. As a wonderful advantage of the sculpture garden serve its sightseeing spots, giving chance to admire scenic beauty of the nature and art - all at the same time.


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