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Those who prefer classic values, instead of annoying experiments of the contemporary architecture, and wish to feast their eyes on a harmonious heritage of bygone centuries would definitely appreciate what a small Italian town of Vicenza has to offer. Perhaps they are tourists who love to visit Venice now and then, although swarming crowds of tourists may get on their nerves. There is an easy solution for that - 30 minutes by train, and you are in a place that boasts in a dense concentration of the famous High Renaissance time architect Palladio's masterpieces.
In his architectural works (there are 6 of them in Vicenza) the master continues to develop classical language of architectural. Being incredibly talented, Palladio has left for generations to come buildings, so serene and majestic in their form and proportions that they are still studied and admired, and his style today is known as Palladian style.

Foto: VicenzaFoto: VicenzaFoto: VicenzaFoto: VicenzaFoto: Vicenza

Sketching of four times symmetric Villa Capra La Rotonda is part of a basic curriculum of any architecture student in the world. Conceived initially as an entertainment house for its former owner, enclosed by a beautiful garden, La Rotonda is a pilgrimage destination for architects till this very day. Moreover, it has happened than, enraptured by its beauty, students have managed to escape vigilant eyes of its staff and spend a night there. I know at least two such zealous architecture enthusiasts - a guy from Portugal who got acquainted with a Belgian girl there, and, in order to bring the ritual to perfection, they both made love in the famous villa all night...

Foto: VicenzaFoto: VicenzaFoto: Vicenza

Please note that La Rotonda is located quite a bit from the centre. Do not forget to check out its opening hours as well - the interior is open just limited time and only during the season. A pedestrian road, leading there, is not very exciting, therefore, it's a good idea to go uphill, past Villa Valmarana Ai Nani, have a look at the city panorama and also appreciate Portici di Monte Berico, unparalleled in its length, at the same time.

Foto: VicenzaFoto: Vicenza

Must-see spots are also nearby Palazzo Chiericati and Teatro Olimpico. Do not miss an opportunity to go inside the theatre - it is interesting with a unique wooden stage construction, featuring several little dummy streets. Vicenza Basilica, designed by Palladio, is situated in the very centre. It houses a marble statue of the genius himself, born in this very town. Detailed information on Palladio tour is available on almost every corner, although, it is nice and cozy there for a simple idleness as well.

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