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Immersing in beauty. Four parks of historical villas on Lake Como

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Villa Carlotta

Author: Vineta Radziņa1 COMMENT

Villa Carlotta

Villa Carlotta dating from the early 18th century is the most beautiful jewel of Tremezzo village. Tremendous wealth of its original owners, Clerici family, came from their successful textile trade. The family riches was inherited and squandered by its titled offspring, lavish spender and art collector Antonio Giorgio, although he managed to complete the construction of the gorgeous baroque style villa. In 1843, Villa Carlotta was purchased by Princess Marianne, wife of Albert of Prussia, and later on given to her daughter Charlotte as a wedding gift.

Foto: Villa CarlottaFoto: Villa CarlottaFoto: Villa Carlotta

That is when a considerable expansion of the original gardens of the villa started. They were replenished with 500 species of plants with 150 sorts of azaleas and rhododendrons among them. These gardens may entirely change your idea about rhododendrons (that is only if you haven't hiked in Himalayas!). There you will have a chance to observe that rhododendrons can grow into tall trees, not only shrubs or dwarf shrubs as we are accustomed to see them.

Foto: Villa CarlottaFoto: Villa CarlottaFoto: Villa Carlotta

The huge park, covering almost 8 hectares, is rich in tall Tibetan rhododendron trees. April is their flowering time - a must-see sight at least once in your lifetime! Wandering through this enchanted kingdom of plants and flowers, with the original section of the park and its rock garden, you will suddenly find yourself in an idyllic Japanese garden that amazes with a huge variety of bamboos - literally hundreds of species! Being very fond of botanic, the Crown Prince of Saxony gathered a large variety of tropical plants and evergreens in this park. And there is a little bubbling brook, too, winding its way among verdant palm trees, lianas and bamboos.

Foto: Villa Carlotta

Do not miss out on seeing the Villa Carlotta citrus trees trellis. Lemon, orange, tangerine and grapefruit trees are in full bloom in the beginning of April and full of ripening fruit, too - all at the same time.

Foto: Villa CarlottaFoto: Villa CarlottaFoto: Villa Carlotta

April is a lovely time at Lake Como with warm weather, lush greenery and sweet scents of blossoms lingering in the air. Later on, roses and hydrangeas follow, and then water lilies wake up in their ponds, ranging in color from bright yellow and red to even blue.

Right across the lake from Villa Carlotta, yet another beautiful villa come into view from amidst blooming gardens - it's Villa Melzi.

Via Provinciale Regina, 2
22019 Tremezzo CO, Italy


*** Several public ferries provide their services on Lake Como. Visitors can either opt for a single ride tickets, choosing just one destination, or take a cruise ticket that includes an entrance fee into several Lake Como villas. More information on the website:

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