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Immersing in beauty. Four parks of historical villas on Lake Como

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Villa Melzi

Author: Vineta Radziņa1 COMMENT

Villa Melzi

The cornerstone of neo-classical Villa Melzi was laid in 1801 but already in 1810 the entire villa complex including its park was completed. Its owner, Francesco Melzi d'Eril, a perfectionist and art and nature aficionado, served as vice-president of the Napoleonic Italian Republic and was a close friend of Napoleon. With a great respect towards gorgeous Lake Como environment, the villa project was designed by the Swiss trio - the architect Giocondo Albertolli, the landscape designer Luigi Canonica and the agronomist Luigi Villoresi. The magnificent villa, surrounded by gardens, became a summer residence of Francesco Melzi d'Eril after his political career.

Foto: Villa MelziFoto: Villa MelziFoto: Villa Melzi

Today's villa, as if trapped in time, still exudes an air of its early days. The house and its surrounding area are maintained with a scrupulous care, not allowing the slightest imperfection, which perhaps might be quite acceptable for an ancient place like this. Every tiny blade of grass seems to be perfectly manicured.

Foto: Villa MelziFoto: Villa MelziFoto: Villa Melzi

These gardens can surround you with tranquility like no place else, soothing your soul, calming your senses and offering a complete relaxation. It's a place that brings back confidence that life is beautiful! Only a boat for a moment may disturb a glossy surface of the lake or a glider cut through the air while you are wandering through the amazing gardens of Villa Melzi with their huge sequoia trees, tall magnolias and blooming rhododendrons, an idyllic Japanese landscape and a lovely rockery garden...

Foto: Villa MelziFoto: Villa MelziFoto: Villa Melzi

Nothing is accidental there and every plant is put there on purpose. Its greenhouses cherish cannas, callas and many other typical plants of these latitudes.

January comes with blooming magnolias that are followed by yellow blossom forsythias; spring is time of rhododendrons and summer completes this parade with bright clusters of hydrangeas. Spring is the best time, however, to experience the most intense explosion of colors there.

Foto: Villa MelziFoto: Villa MelziFoto: Villa Melzi

Just across the lake yet another beautiful villa is rising up amidst blooming gardens - it's Villa Carlotta.

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22021 Bellagio Como, Itālija
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*** Several public ferries provide their services on Lake Como. Visitors can either opt for a single ride tickets, choosing just one destination, or take a cruise ticket that includes an entrance fee into several Lake Como villas. More information on the


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