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Boating routes in Kurzeme region

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Rinda River is just 29 km long. It is known for its steady flow that cuts deep into the soft turfy riverbed, forming deep underwater flows, clay blocks, shafts and niches.
Several small lakes form its first 9 km, followed by a swift serpentine section. 9km before Rinda village the river turns quite wide and shallow, humorously dubbed by boaters the "cabbage fields". There is no current and it may well happen that no water either to properly dip your paddle into, and canoe boats are the most suitable here. After about 5 km below Rinda village, Rinda River merges with Stende River forming Irbe River. The character of the river changes, too - it is swifter with sharp turns, and water is lucid.
Amazing incidents may happen during a perfectly calm boating trip. We had such an experience, and it occurred in the above mentioned "cabbage field" section of Rinda River. A young horse had either waded or just fallen into the water and couldn't get out anymore, while the rest of the herd had retreated quite far from the river already. Altogether we managed to get the poor animal out onto hard ground of the steep riverbank, and it was a sight to remember as the foal was calling his mother and both were darting across the meadow to meet each other. We had never seen anything like that before and perhaps will never see ever again. Episodes like this stir one's emotions and encourage returning to boating again and again, with at least one boating trip per year.

- It's advisable to take enough food supplies to last for the entire trip, as there may be no shops along the way. Best of all, plan your menu and buy food accordingly before you set off; it is good to have someone who likes cooking and is ready to assume the role of a chef for the entire trip, as it makes food preparation less chaotic;
- Be sure to pack all your stuff in plastic bags or special waterproof containers, to be on the safe sided if the boat tips over or some water gets into it; it may be chilly in the evening and you will definitely enjoy putting on dry clothes after a day on the water;
- Do not to litter in the river or along its banks and always leave the campgrounds clean; take all your garbage with you and dispose it properly, using containers at your destination or anyplace else on your way home;
- You will need a detailed map for your trip; be sure to have someone who can read and understand it and will be able to follow it during the trip;
- Don't be skeptical about boating in low season - it is just a stereotype that one can boat only in summer.
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