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Wooden Building of Riga School of Design and Art, 55 Lāčplēša Street, Riga

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Wooden Building of Riga School of Design and Art, 55 Lāčplēša Street, Riga

The wooden house now housing Riga School of Design and Art was built in 1819 and served as a school for Russian children of the Russian Empress Catherine II. It is the oldest and the largest (900 m²) one-storey wooden building in the city centre and throughout the times it has always served as a school. The unique 200-year-old log building is symmetrically constructed and features 19th-century monumental style and a very high level of authenticity. Practically no reconstructions had ever touched it in the past and it looked out into the world through its original 19th century windows.
Despite of its active exploitation and the fact that it was built according to the best construction principles of Tsarist Russia, the house barely escaped demolition plans for numerous times in the past. After 200 years of neglect, covered in dust and ashes (the building was burning in 1978), much like Cinderella by the prince, the house was finally salvaged by the pan-European Federation for Cultural Heritage Europa Nostra's President HRH the Prince Henrik of Denmark. His generous financial donation covered the expenses of a renovation project and state expert examinations. Further on the building was handed over to the school to take care of the following restoration works, freeing its walls from many layers of plaster, replacing flooring and reinstalling its wooden ceiling. The school has also acquired new stairs while its charming old winding staircase is still being preserved, but newly installed roof skylight windows provide perfect daylight for drawing classes.

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