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10 Places for Creative Work in Riga

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Jewellery by Artists: From Picasso to Koons, an exhibition organised by the culture and art portal

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Kuuka kafe

Author: Agita Salmiņa4 COMMENTS

Kuuka kafe

If your work requires creative inspiration, perhaps you can summon it by seating yourself comfortably on pillows of Kuuka kafe windowsill, glancing casually out on colorful Old Town life. A great addition to its atmosphere is freshly baked and delicious cakes - cheesecake with apricots, carrot cake and many other treats.
Even though it's quite small, the café is very popular among creative folks. You will see at least a few freelancers working there every day, yet it never gets crowded. Its romantic environment would be most suitable for writers, set designers, composers or representatives of similar fields, driving their inspiration through observation of the environment and people around them.
5 Grēcinieku Street


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