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Dreverna, Sventoji and The Curonian Spit

Author: Renārs Bīrmanis1 COMMENT

Dreverna, Sventoji and The Curonian Spit

In spite of scanty possibilities for kiting in Lithuania, our neighbors have managed to excel in kite-board development and surpass Latvia considerably. For the most part, all activities take place in 2 locations - Sventoji or Dreverna, and the Curonian Spit, of course. The last one is perfect for undisturbed kiting, yet some places are difficult to access due to the reserve zone and lack or parking. As for winds, Lithuania is very predictable, and in autumn there is hardly any windless days. September with prevailing SW winds and lesser tourists is the best time for kiting there.

***** Dreverna is Lithuania's kiting paradise. There you can enjoy flat-water kiting and explore the whole bay this way. Yet the water pollution and the density of kiters, who nevertheless think that this place is perfect, can be an issue too. Another major disadvantage is lack of well-developed tourism infrastructure. It does not prevent kiting enthusiasts from lodging in tents and enjoying summer nights at the camp fire, however. Wind conditions are good, provided that it is not too weak or too strong. Whatever it may be, Dreverna is a home for Lithuanian kiteboarding elite.

*** Sventoji seems rather post-sovietish. The place is very ugly, yet some decent waves form between the piers, and the beach on windy days is almost vacant, giving a good chance for kiting. It is suitable for experienced kiters and works mostly when strong SW winds are blowing.

**** The Curonian Spit features wide beaches and rough sea, which is typical there. On the days when wind is strong, one can hit some good waves there. There are numerous spots for undisturbed kiting, yet be careful and do not attempt crossing the dunes within the protected zone. Although the tourism infrastructure is well developed, it is quite pricy as well, and has become one the most expensive places in the Baltic region. Suitable wind directions are SW- N.

+ A comparatively short shore-line hides attractive secret spots.
+ In autumn kite spots are quite vacant, and wind never lets you down.
+ Water is warmer than in Latvia or Estonia

- Crowded beaches and difficult to access places
- Post Soviet atmosphere
- Bad food and disturbed sleep

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