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Five Offbeat Eateries. Recommended by Gatis Mūrnieks.

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Connoisseur's Guide · Europe · netherlands · Amsterdam · Five Offbeat Eateries. Recommended by Gatis Mūrnieks.

Restaurant on Nes Street

Author: Gatis Mūrnieks1 COMMENT

All you have to do is accidentally pass the place on your bike - one glance is enough to realise that you would definitely love to stop by and investigate, at least if you are looking for something tasteful and popular among the locals. The restaurant is hiding behind the tiny Nes side-street, away from the traditional Amsterdam landmarks commandeered by tourists. There are no signs, no pointers - nothing but a warm sepia-toned photograph of a group of people on the entrance door. The picture, a strikingly apt representation of the general cosy homeliness of the restaurant, grabs your attention immediately.
Inside, everything is simple and understated; there is no lardy-dardy affectation about the decor: wooden furniture and ample amounts of sunlight. The window-side table seems very cosy. The poster-papered wall to the right from the entrance - the current theatre performances, art shows and culture events; an ad leaflet or two thrown in for good measure - adds a special accent: the ultimate functionality, like most things in the Netherlands.
Like so many other Amsterdam eateries, the restaurant offers no printed menu; instead, the owner herself will quickly brief you on the day's offer and, should you feel like treating yourself to the cake of the day, point towards the blackboard behind the counter. The cake is fresh, almost straight from the oven. Yummy... The so-called pseudo-Dutch breakfast - huge fried slices of rye bread topped with fried egg and ham - is likewise absolutely sublime! The helping is enormous, so tuck in to stock up energy for the rest of the day. The best bit, however, comes after the meal when the owner reappears with your change only to top it up with superb enticing liquorice lollies. Incidentally, liquorice is famous as the perfect means for getting rid of any food aftertaste in your mouth.
A meal for two averages EUR 30.

Address: Nes Street. Sadly, I am not able to provide any more detailed directions; it has also proven impossible to trace the restaurant's name and address on the Internet.


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Visited: Summer 2009

I think the restaurant you are referring to is Van Kerkwijk Nes 41. I have been there a number of times and its great food and amazing value. The desserts are usually pear tart , apple tart all, it appears, fresh from the oven. The owners says no printed menu, I am the walking menu. I recommend the carpaccio, the best Ihave ever eaten. The restaurant is minute walk from Dam Square.

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