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Aerograd Kolomna

Author: Ingus Augstkalns, Reinis Rūtentāls0 COMMENTS

Aerograd Kolomna

Jump over the forests!

Aerograd Kolomna is the largest skydiving centre in Russia, located about 100 km to the south of Moscow, and has to be mentioned among the professional skydiving drop zones. In spite of winter, skydiving season lasts a whole year round there. In summer, if weather conditions are good, jumps take place every single day. On weekends, aircrafts that have been given funny names and images, like "Fox", "Shark", etc. take off nearly 100 times a day, meaning that theoretically there are up to 100 chances to jump. However, practically you wouldn't be able to manage more than 15 jumps per day.
At Aerograd Kolomna we undergone training in acrobatics, formation skydiving, improvisation and dance in the air, which involves a whole group of jumpers.
An amazing landscape of woods and a winding river spreads out below. Usually, people chose to spend at least a whole week there to be able to perform 50 and plus jumps. It's always easy to find a company for jumping - lots of trainees take classes at Aerograd Kolomna. Trainers are stern and demanding, but, typically to Russian mentality, open and friendly as well. Completing the course enables you to skydive anywhere in the world, yet it goes without saying that first it has to be celebrated with lots of beers. You have to treat everyone! Casual get-togethers take place in the camp almost every night, or you can hit the ball in a local volleyball court or a football field. There are several options of lodging - a hotel, bungalows with four bunk beds or tents. It can deservedly be called a skydiving Mecca! With planes doing up to 100 loads a day and carrying 20 people per time, as much as 2000 jumps are performed into the Russian sky every single a day!

The best thing about skydiving is that anyone can do it, regardless of prior level of physical preparedness. It can be done just for joy or to achieve ambitious sportive targets.

-To perform individual jumps one has to take accelerated free fall (AFF) training program, which provides basic skills and knowledge of skydiving. It consists of a theoretical training and 8 jumps.
Upon completion of the AFF course, an actual exercising and refining of your skills can finally start! Skydiving becomes a truly exhilarating experienced only after you have jumped for at least a 100 to 200 times.
Jumping from the height of 4 km, a free fall lasts for 55 seconds.
A training course costs up to 1000 LVL, equipment - 3000 - 8000 EUR (at world drop zones rental gear is available), after completion of training, jump prices range from 12 to 20 LVL per jump.

-Tandem skydiving jumps with an instructor do not require any prior skydiving experience. A short 30 minutes instruction and you are ready to take a plunge! It's like being a passenger and enjoying a sheer joyride! Moreover, a camera operator will follow you to capture your first free fall experience and provide a video.
Jumping from the height of 4 km, a free fall lasts for about 2.5 km before a parachute opens. In a tandem jumping, a passenger is given a chance to steer the chute as well, but at the height of 300 m above the ground an instructor takes over the lead. A free fall lasts for 50 seconds.
A tandem jump with a video camera operator costs about 150 LVL.

As skydiving training is completed, you become part of the skydiving community. Training camps, regional and world championships and skydiving festivals take place on regular bases at different drop zones around the globe, and variety of holiday packages and joy flights are available.
Skydiving can be practiced anywhere, without necessarily going abroad. "Unofficial" fun jumps can be performed almost anywhere, and you just need to rent an airplane that would take you up in the sky. And then - flip, somersault and romp to your heart's content!
For the most exotic skydiving adventures around the globe check out


*Drop zones - specially equipped airfields that have suitable for skydiving aircrafts, landing areas, windsock for indication of wind direction, etc..

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