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World's Top Trekking Routes by Atis Plakans

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The Tatras

Author: Atis Plakans0 COMMENTS

The Tatras

The Tatras are perfect low cost trekking trip. The Slovak Tatras are close at hand yet can surprise the most seasoned climbers. After the magnificent Himalayas, local European peaks seem less attractive - what can you really expect there? A one-week trip to the Tatras, however, proved to be one of the most amazing trekking tours ever. The highest point of the 25 km long mountain range reaches the altitude of just 2600 m, which, in comparison to the 8-thousanders of the Himalayas, seems just a hillock. And still...To reach the foot of Everest takes several days, while here only 20 km separates a small Poprada town from the Tatras. Moreover, Slovak mountains strike with diverse landscapes from the very first hours. The lower slopes are covered by fir and pine forests, higher up followed by dwarf pines. Then comes grass, and finally bare rocks and snow - all that packed within a relatively short distance. And amazing colors with bluish-green rivers and lakes and brilliant-white snow caps of the highest peaks.
If struggling through the verdant conifers is not to your liking, you can use large number of ski-lifts, make a circle around the highest points and in the evening be back down again. There are numerous routes to take and a many mountain huts available to stay overnight, devoting the Tatras several days, if you wish. You can go from one range to another or ascend on one side and descend on the other. Whichever trek you take, one week will be perfectly enough. Slovak slopes are occupied by countless climbers - big and small, skilful ones and beginners, and there are lots of signposts indicating where to go. Villages line along the railroad in the whole length of the Tatras - choose one to stay overnight and start your ascent early in the morning. The best trekking time is around mid-June, yet conditions are pretty good throughout summer, just in August mosquitoes make a bit of nuisance. Summing it all up, the Tatras give a perfect chance to savor mountains in the conditions of the global economic crisis.
Useful information - the same way as anyplace in Europe, to keep forests clean, camping in the Tatras is permitted only on permanent snow or ice areas.

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