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World's Top Kiteboarding Spots. Recommends Renārs Bīrmanis

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Kiting in the Canaries is much the same as in Spain, yet the island conditions may challenge your skills and make reevaluate your readiness for the particular place. Climate and wind conditions, however, are perfect for kiting both in the open sea and in lagoons. It's a true paradise for kiters, just find an island according to your liking, and enjoy amazing kiteboarding experience.


Tenerife is just terrific for those visitors to the Canaries who fancy loud music and huge hotels. El Medano beach, being within easy reach, is the most suitable for kiting. It's almost the only one featuring full-range service for this purpose, available along its entire length. Covered in sand, it makes a safe landing for some falls as well. Yet, you may encounter some big fish or, kiting too far from the shore, get washed into the ocean. Also the next beach to the north from El Medano is suitable for kiteboarding. A few things to reckon are the presence of the reef and rather unfriendly sea urchins, dwelling there (special footwear is a must). Lovely beaches enclose the very northern tip of Tenerife, yet tourism infrastructure is hardly developed there and you will need your own transportation to reach them. A hotel has to be booked in advance, too. Worth a visit sightseeing spots are a volcanic crater and Los Gigantes cliffs there.

Foto: Tenerifa-FuertaventuraFoto: Tenerifa-Fuertaventura


Fuerteventura is the largest of the Canary Islands and provides perfect conditions for kiteboarding. Choosing its northern part, it has its pros and cons, however. Sharp lava stones full of sea urchins are scattered all along the line where waves are breaking, sandy beaches are very few and small. You have to be very skilled for kiting there, otherwise equipment will be damaged beyond repair, and special footwear is necessary too. Another good option is Sotavento lagoon in the south that may reach even 10 km in length. A kiteboarding centre with hotels is located at its widest point, making Sotavento one of the gathering spots of European kiteboarders and windsurfers. The only disadvantage to be mentioned is a gusty onshore wind and an unstable lagoon, yet these conditions can be foreseen. Fuertaventura is still a perfect place for learning and improving ones skills. If the wind at midday builds up too much, you can head to the opposite side of the island where another good spot is located. Big waves and a wind, blowing straight to the rocks, make it rather risky for beginners, and in windless days it is good for surfing, too. It's advisable to rent a car already at the airport - it gives more freedom of movement to find a cheaper hotel a little off the chief tourist tracks and to travel over the island.

Foto: Tenerifa-FuertaventuraFoto: Tenerifa-Fuertaventura

Summing up:

+ A season lasts whole year round (just be sure to match your trip with lagoon situation, if you plan to visit Soltavento);
+ Wind speed ranges from mild in the morning to very strong at midday;
+ Easy to reach with charter flights from biggest European capitals;
+ Plenty of activities to indulge, if there is no wind at all - surfing, for example;
+ Pleasant climate and warm water.

- Mostly for experienced kiters, with exception of Solatvento that is good for learners as well;
- Lots of tourists and noisy large hotels;
- Loads of rooks and sea urchins and hardly any sand beaches; risk of being washed out into the ocean, if kiting alone.

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