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World's Top Kiteboarding Spots. Recommends Renārs Bīrmanis

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Tarifa-Caños de Meca-El Palmar

Author: Renārs Bīrmanis0 COMMENTS

Spain is one of the world's ultimate kiteboarding destinations. Renowned for its rich kiteboarding history, Spain has produced numerous top kiters, ever since this sport started to develop. Some kiteboarding hot spots are sited along the coasts of Andalusia, close to the Strait of Gibraltar. Two types of prevailing winds mark this area - the warm and strong Levante, blowing from the Gibraltar and Africa and the cooler and weaker Poniente, coming from the Atlantic Ocean. Dry and windy climate provides perfect conditions for kiting almost whole year round, while country features beautiful places, just waiting to be discovered during windless days. A short trip inland will lead you to Ronda - a scenic town built up in the rocks, or choose a three-day trip to Africa and visit an enchanting town of Tangier.


The kiteboarding Mecca and the most popular spot for this sport in Europe. Like a magnet, it draws kiteboarding enthusiasts from all over the world and has been the top kiteboarding destination of every European kiteboarder for about 5 years already, the same way as nearly 25 years ago it attracted windsurfers. As a proof to its popularity, the word "kite" is in almost any title, including names of dishes on restaurant menu. It's not advisable, however, to go there in July or August, as beaches buzz with holidaymakers and a multicolored rainbow of kites cover up the sky. It is also a season of wild, never abating beach parties, and the Spin Out Beach Bar is an undisputed leader in this respect. The most recommendable beach for undisturbed kiting experience is at the very mouth of the river Rio Jara. Tarifa is a delightful place with strong and steady winds, therefore 5 to 7m² kites are more appropriate than 10m² ones. Besides, you will find kiteboarding schools on every step, although only a few of them are actually good. Search for Kiteboard Company name down the main street and don't miss an opportunity of buying the renowned kiteboarding fins directly from their famed producers, Tarifa Fin Company (TFC) - look for this purpose for the road leading from the factory in the beach direction.

Foto: Tarifa-Caños de Meca-El PalmarFoto: Tarifa-Caños de Meca-El PalmarFoto: Tarifa-Caños de Meca-El Palmar

**** Caños de Meca

It's another loved by locals beach - if Levante at Tarifa blasts beyond all bounds, people go to Caños de Meca instead. Just bear in mind that this is a spot for skilled ones, as strong winds and high waves can easily carry you onto dangerous reefs. Damaging a kite is the lesser evil - you can get yourself into some serious trouble, and no rescuers to help you out are waiting there.

*** El Palmar

Ideal sand beaches stretch to the north from El Palmar, although only the Poniente provides good kiting conditions there. If a set of good waves comes from the ocean, you can try catching them kiting on a surfboard as well. In Tarifa there are no such shallow areas, and waves usually break at the very shoreline. El Palmar is ideal for flat-water kiting, yet, unfortunately, this joy is available only when water is not taken by windsurfers.

Foto: Tarifa-Caños de Meca-El PalmarFoto: Tarifa-Caños de Meca-El PalmarFoto: Tarifa-Caños de Meca-El Palmar

Summing up:

+ A god destination for all seasons (except a damp period between November and January);
+ Strong wind blows almost every day, therefore, small size kites are popular;
+ An easy to reach destination; low living costs;
+ Plenty of activities to indulge, if there is no wind;
+ Absolutely everything is closely linked with kiting there.

- Locations good for experienced kiters; stressful situations can occur as the shoreline is dotted with numerous kiting schools, swarming with learners;
- May be packed with kiters in low season too, especially at the central beaches;
- It may be difficult to find good quality/price lodging and restaurants without prior knowledge;
- Restrictions on kiteboarding at the central beaches;
- A rented car is required.

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