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World's best snowboarding spots. Suggests Ansis Egle

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Author: Ansis Egle0 COMMENTS

Saas-Fee is my most amazing discovery of the last season. It boasts the best ramp in Europe (although there are very few professionals in Latvia able to properly appreciate it). The highest peak of the small Saas-Fee village in southern Switzerland reaches 4545m above the sea level. It's a perfect place if you have missed winter joys during the cold season. Saas-Fee glacier-covered mountain-peaks are full of activity also in summer. Beware, however, of dangerous cracks and crevices that form in the frozen mass of snow when it's melting. In a highly developed country like Switzerland, there, of course, is a solution for this problem. Don't be surprised to see a tractor up in the mountains. A tractor in such an altitude?! Everything becomes clear when you see it in action - tractors are used to fill the life-threatening crevices with thousands of tons of snow. Everything is done to ensure tourists' safety, so to say. If you go to Saas-Fee in April, you might have a chance to enjoy an unexpected amount of snow for this time of a year, which is hardly possible elsewhere in Europe. If you are lucky, weather conditions can be just perfect - snowfall at night and blue, cloudless sky and bright sunshine in daytime.
There is everything one might wish for a perfect snowboarding experience - an insane vastness, a slope-style line, trampolines and slides. Top-level in every aspect! It's not for nothing that the small Swiss resort is preferred by star-snowboarders from all over the world. They not only live and practice but also take part in various camps and organize trainings there, turning Saas-Fee into one of the major snowboarding culture epicenters in the country. Knowing someone from the sports elite is highly valuable, especially if it's someone local. Only they know the secret spots with fresh powder snow, and what a thrill it is racing down there!
Saas-Fee is one of the few Swiss mountain resorts offering very affordable lodgings for students. Dorm-style accommodations have a decent, hostel-level quality. Sharing a room among several people can result in a totally acceptable nightly rate of 17-20 LVL per person. There are some nightclubs in the village as well. Saas-Fee offers slopes for kids and beginners, and ski-lifts are just 3-5 minutes from a hotel.
It's one of the most eco-friendly resorts with only electro-mobiles permitted. There is no other choice but to park your petrol-driven vehicle, while you are there.

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