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Five Offbeat Eateries. Recommended by Gatis Mūrnieks.

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Connoisseur's Guide · Europe · united kingdom · London · Five Offbeat Eateries. Recommended by Gatis Mūrnieks.

Story Deli

Author: Gatis Mūrnieks1 COMMENT

Story Deli

This is one of my favourite London eateries - simple yet surprisingly delicious food and creative atmosphere enhanced by the vivid presence of a variety of somewhat outlandish fellow-eaters. Story Deli is located in the vicinity of Brick Lane - a street famous for its Bangladeshi community - the Mecca of advertising, PR and other creative agencies. After boarding a number of buses and finding your way through a maze of East End side-streets, you finally stumble upon a vast shop window showcasing a mirror with a lightly gilded baroque frame. As you step inside the converted brewery building, there is this feeling of entering an artist's studio or at least a place still in the process of welcoming its new inhabitants: people are mopping the floor and rushing to assemble pieces of furniture; the walls are lined with boxes of flour and other foodstuffs. The slight storehouse effect lends special charm to the place.
A huge wooden table flanked by ordinary stools is the centrepiece of the room; no tablecloths, no showy chic. A few baroque mirrors and a blackboard featuring the day's menu - simplicity and efficiency. The speciality of Story Deli is pizza; however, a variety of salads are also an integral part of the menu. The seeming size of the helpings is deceptive: you may find that polishing off what looks like a smallish slice of pizza is not that easy after all. The food is prepared and served by the owner and a tall - six feet seven - Italian-looking bloke sporting Adidas track bottoms: could it be Sylvester Stallone's long-lost twin brother? The chap has his own sweet way of asking if the food is to your liking - my bet is that, should it not be the case, you would not feel like telling him anyway; it is perfectly obvious, however, that everybody is just one big happy family at Story Deli. If the thought of sharing a table does not appeal to you, there is always the perfect hideaway of the bar counter (usually chosen for a quick meal).
Meal for two (wine inclusive) - GBP 35-40 on average.

3 Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, Brick Lane, E1 6QL

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Dita Melkere

Visited: 23.003.2010

I can just add, that it is perfect escape from hectic central London noise. Noise, which absorbs your voice, even if you are babbling with your fellow just next to you.
Story Deli definitely my favorite, even not trying to find better place anymore :)
PS and rough trade just opposite side the street, so always chance to grab some new vibrant records on your way home

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