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Mansion nightclub on Miami Beach is a huge place that spreads over 3 levels, featuring several bars, dance floors and VIP areas. Most famous DJs and musicians perform there, and DJ Morillo, David Guetta, Tiesto, Prince, Tommy Lee and Britney Spears are just few to be mentioned. Being among the hot spots of Miami nightlife scene, it has maintained its reputation for quite some time already, and has been praised by Time magazine, Harper's Bazaar, People magazine, etc.
Managed by the Opium Group, Mansion focuses on events attracting large audiences, turning it into a pulsating 130 beats per minute hullabaloo. It has somewhat lost its personal touch however, which is why some, initially passionate about it showbiz stars gradually lose their interest in it.
It may also happen that Mansion's massive tumult takes all the attention and overshadows its elegant, Art Deco style interior. A gleam of modern neon lights enfolds the luxurious stairs of the former Paris casino, fireplaces and Venetian mirrors...Mansion fuses contrasts into perfect harmony, side by side placing original chandeliers of the 30s and trendy LED lighting systems, brass lanterns and dynamic performances of audiovisual projections.

1235 Washington Avenue - Miami Beach, FL

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