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The Andes

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The Andes

A trekking trip to Machu Picchu, the ancient city of the Incas, offers a chance to explore the history and culture of the Lost Civilization as well. You just have to discover this gem of the Andes, sited 2400 meter up in the mountains, walking the Inca Trail that winds upward through the woods on foot, not by train, although it's an option too. No mountaineering challenges are to be expected there and the trail is suitable for everyone. Moreover, an itinerary can be chosen to one's liking - for 2, 3 or 5 days with sleeping in tents. Unique, centuries-old temples and stone formations, saturated in history, open up there. The Spanish conquistadors managed to destroy many, replacing them by Catholic churches, yet the remaining ones never cease to surprise. Pebble mosaics, made of myriad of pebbles, adorn their walls. Different in size and color, they have fallen in their right places and make a perfect picture. Although a museum is set up close to Machu Picchu, Peru as such feels like a huge open-air museum - just follow your guide and marvel at sites where the Incas had once lived at.
The Andes has yet another secret to reveal and it's El Misti. The dormant volcano that looks like in children's drawings rises 5.8 km above the sea level. During 2-day climb, you are accompanied by yellowish, slow-rising smoke and a slight whiff of sulphur, oozing from the crater. You can reach it, going some 100 meters downward, yet the best view opens up from the edge. It's amazing to see that El Misti is just one of the several volcanoes around there, and you can even have some fun comparing - say, that volcano blows out more smoke than our but that, over there - a little less!
Just the same way as in the Nepal Himalayas, trekking tour to El Misti can be combined with hiking through the jungle, yet this time - tropical Amazon rain forest, spreading close to the Brazilian border. Not so far to go, and you can take a dip in the Pacific Ocean as well! Perhaps this is the best way to plan your trip, as it might not be easy to pull yourself together and climb the cool height of 6 thousand meters after cuddly warmth of the tropical climate.
And lastly, the Colca Canyon, located quite close to El Misti. It is the deepest canyon on earth with an average depth of 3 thousand meters. Climbing down, however, is pretty simple and no special mountaineering gear is required. And being back up again, you can enjoy the magnificent sight of the Andean condors soaring in the sunset.

Useful information
- At least two weeks should be allowed for trekking and exploring the area.
- Avocado in Peru tastes just fabulous!

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